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SOGOTeleshopping was incepted at New Delhi, India . Due to the strong-willed efforts of our CEO, we have grown as a renowned entity in this field of supplying ayurvedic herbal medicine. We offer the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Herbal Madhunashni is the best medicine for diabetes/ Sugar.


HERBAL MADHUNASHNI INR 2499 INR 2499 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Herbal Madhunashni is a pure herbal formula to treat Diabetes. It is an Ayurvedic medicine to cure Diabetes. It helps to control over Glucose level in the blood. It is a totally natural herb proved to cure Diabetes, blood vessels, eyes, kidney and heart effectively. Herbal Madhunashni provides overall well being and gives energy to the cellular system.As this medicine is totally natural it doesn’t contain any chemicals and thus safe to use even for long term. This herb will not make you dependent on it as anybody can just take stop taking this medicine anytime. Benefits of Using Herbal Madhunashni It control the Blood Glucose level naturally. It helps to have a control over eating sweets by its appetite suppressants ingredients. It helps to reduce weight also by repelling sweets. This medicine helps to stimulate beta cells of Pancreas and maintain the glucose level by producing Insulin. Regular use of Herbal Madhunashni helps to fight free radicals in the body with its production of antioxidants. It provides energy to the body. This medicine helps to balance the Mood Swings and Insomniac related problems. It not only improves physical well being but also mental system. This medicine helps to improve the peripheral intake of Glucose. Herbal Madhunashni helps to prevent other complications like Diabetes neuropathy and Diabetes naturopathy. It also helps to improves immunity of the body. This Vati helps to fight against other problems occurring due to Diabetes like eye sight weakness, bacterial infection, muscle cramps, joint pains etc. It stabilizes the Endocrine system also. It protects body from any infections like Gum problem, skin, urethra, tiredness etc. Herbal Madhunashini For Diabetes. Diabetes Treatment: Herbal Madhunashini For Diabetes Mellitus.Diabetes Mellitus is a kind of condition where body stops making Insulin which maintains Glucose level in the blood. This may be due to many reasons. There are 2 types of Diabetes: Type I and Type II. In Type I Diabetes the patient is dependent on Insulin as his or her body is unable to produce Required Insulin and there is not enough Insulin present in the body to maintain Blood Glucose Level. In Type II Diabetes the body manufactures more than required Insulin and the level rises more than normal. After sometimes the patient develops resistance to Insulin and the body has rise in Blood Glucose Levels. Type II Diabetes occurs after the age of 30-32 years. And the people suffering from Type II Diabetes are tend to be Obese as their body is making too much of Insulin and this results in excess of Fats stored in their body. True 1453532580
MADHUR MILAP INR 3150 INR 3150 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Madhur Milap is a very powerful herbal medicine which strengthens sexual masculinity power and stability when take one tea spoon regularly with warm milk every night" Person how is having problem of pre ejaculation can use in it both the times mornings and the evenings. It is a very vigorous and semen protective medicine which produce eroticism and sexuality. Madhur Milap Ayurvedic Medicine For Man And Woman. It also makes a brisk growth in sperms quantity and converts the semen more and more viscous. It removes idleness and discrepancy happened due to superannuation and it accelerates concupiscence for better coition. Regular and appropriate execution of medicine makes a man row bust and produces amazing capabilities long life. Before starting sex takes a tea spoon power enormous strength to make heavenly relations. It stimulates your desire and helps to have grate orgasm culmination. Person of any age can use it according to their digestion. It also improves and dazzles your personality. It has no ill effects. No any kind of steroids and drugs like afim, charas, ganza, or bhang has been under taken while manufacturing the medicine. It can deroot the problems of pre ejaculation and wet dreams. Madhur Milap has suddenly become one of the most favorite solutions for men who are pursuing for a perfect intimate relationship with their women. The company is not known for producing good Ayurvedic medicines; however they are successful in marketing and selling Madhur Milap quite handsomely. Effects of Madhur Milap The advertisement that is being run on various television channels shows men claiming to regain their life after getting Madhur Milap. There are lots of testimonials where people never leave a chance to thank Madhur Milap for bringing their family life back on track. Taking it on a different direction, we may wonder about the effect of Madhur Milap. First thing that everyone should keep in mind is the very base of problems. If one is having this problem since childhood and they are getting better with Madhur Milap then there is no harm in using this product. However, if one is facing this problem in recent time and thinking about using this product then I would like to suggest them that they should stop and think a bit before its use. First thing that they need to do is to look back and analyze their own lifestyles. Smoking, sedentary life, boozing are known to bring this problem. One needs to control these habits. The result can be seen within two weeks without the use of any drugs like Madhur Milap. Then, the most important thing that they need to do is to change their thinking. They need to think that this time they are going to rock on the bed. If they will think in this direction then they will certainly see the difference. More often than not. Madhur Milap works because men who use this think that since they have taken the medicine so they are going to do better on the bed. And, this thinking has the power to give results. That is the power of mind. Side Effects of Madhur Milap Being an Ayurvedic product, Madhur Milap doesn’t seem to have any ostensible side effects. It doesn’t mean that one should go for it just because of the lack of any side effects. There is a big problem with Ayurvedic medicine. If one starts to use Madhur Milap Ayurvedic Medicine then there is high probability of them becoming a slave of these medicines. Procedures & Advantage: Night Duty is a very powerful Madhur Milap witch strengthens sexual masculinity power and stability when take one tea spoon regularly with warm milk every night. Person how is having problem of pre ejaculation can use in it both the times mornings and the evenings. It is a very vigorous and semen protective medicine which produce eroticism and sexuality. True 1453533095
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